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Display device independence

Jan 3, 2015 at 5:36 PM
Hi there. I've just discovered your MicroWPF library. Unfortunately the display I've ordered isn't the one you've built in, and it doesn't have touch.

As an experiment, I used ReSharper to extract an interface and replace references to the display driver class with the interface - that seems to work OK, so far so good. So, it seems like it might be relatively straightforward to decouple the rendering engine from the display device. Is this something you've considered? Can you see any major problems with implementing alternative displays? Is the lack of touch input likely to be a huge issue? (my setup has a joystick with a button which could act as an input device).

Unfortunately my display is still in the post, so I can't actually try any of this out yet. Just thinking about whether it would be worth doing in principle. The concept seems far too useful to be limited to a single display device.

Tim Long